Casting/Type/LPTSTR problem...HELP

Hi everyone, can someone help me with the following code


typedef unsigned short WCHAR;
typedef LPWSTR LPTSTR; //typedef lines are from winnt.h

/*Global Variable*/
int trial = 0;

WCHAR s1,s2;
HWND hctl_data, hctl_type;

Edit_SetText(hctl_data, (LPTSTR)(something));
s2 = s1;
s1 = *(LPTSTR)(something);

if(trail > 2)
trial = 0;
if( s1 == s2)
Edit_SetText(hctl_type, TEXT("working");



Code ends:

The Edit_SetText(HWND hWnd, LPTSTR lpString) is similar to the SetWindowText function (actually it was #define). The Edit_SetText function works. Edit_SetText(hctl_type, TEXT("working")) will print out "working".

My questions and problems are in regards to s1 and s2.
Is s1 = *(LPTSTR)(something); correct?
How do I get the unsigned short value out of (LPTSTR)(something)?
My goal is to compare two (LPTSTR)(something). Is there a function in does this, comparing two LPTSTR values? I would also like to know what is LPTSTR? My guess is a pointer to a array or string.

Thx in advance

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