Accessing protected members of component from Form

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Hi All

This will be my first post in C++ Builder Msb Board

Ok so here is the question. I have been looking at the tutorials on the DB grid on They pull a trick there to accomplish allot of the nifty tricks:

Accessing protected members of a DBGrid
Windows, Messages, ..., Grids, DBGrids, ... ;

type THackDBGrid = class(TDBGrid);

TForm1 = class(TForm)
DBGrid1: TDBGrid;

Then late in same unit he uses the following lines
THackDBGrid(DBGrid1).RowHeights[0] := 20;
Ok off course that type of casting is not a good idea in C++ Builder. Event tried declaring a clean class and doing the same just to test.

I also tried the following:
typedef class THackGrid : TDBGrid
friend class TForm1;

Then in a event of one of the components like a button on the form:
THackGrid* Testing1;

Testing1 = dynamic_cast(DBGrid1);
Testing1->RowHeights[1] = 10;;

This causes a exception which is right if I think about it. But is something similar possible.



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