SELECT Query Required for Limiting the Records

Dear Friends,
I am using ASP with SQL Server for my websites.
Whenever I need to convert the records into pages.
I use ADO methods. But let say there's a table

AutoID GamesTitle DownloadLink
-------- ----------------- -----------------------
001 MaxPayne http://www...
002 Tomb Raider http://www...
003 Spider Man http://www...
004 Bat Man http://www...
(and so on upto 10,000 records)

If i use this method "SELECT * FROM TableGames" and then
convert it into pages. It surely creates load for the server
and the application.

there's a command in MySQL that is very beautifull. Let say
each page size is 20 and i wish to see page three i will use
"SELECT * FROM TableGames LIMIT 60,20"
Means display from recordnumber 60 and upto 20 rows only
that is really high performance query.
where SQL Server only allow;s Top N records
but if i wish to see 10 records but starting from record number 60 then
what will be the Query

Kindly reply... It will help me in my database design...


Umer Saleem
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