How to set baud rate of SCI

Dear all,

I'm Jackie and i'm a student from Malaysia. I need help in obtaining the SCI baud rate of 115200bps in order to communicate with peripheral device. I'm using M68HC11 traning board (MCU) and MCU's SCI is being used in order to interface with the deveice. The deveice run at baud rate of 115200bps and therefore my MCU also need to run at 115200bps in order to communicate correctly. However, for my MCU it has a 8MHz crystal frequency or 2MHz E-Clock and it can only produce the baud rate the fastest is 125000bps and the next fastest is 62500bps. So, the MCU cannot run at 115200bps. If i used the baud rate of 125000bps then the error will be 8.5% which is much more greater than the allowable tolerance of + - 4%.

Therefore, can you guys help me in how can i obtained a 115200bps baud rate by using the 8MHz crystal frequency?

Thanks in advance!

Jackie Wong

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