the system() function

I've used the system funtion in stdlib.h but when I use it to run an executive file,the DOS window appears.How can I remove the DOS window?

eg,I've achieved a player and a caculator& and a dialog with 2 buttons,when I click button1,then I want the player appear,and so dose with the caculator when I click button2.So in the message process funtion of button1 I used system() to run the executive file of player.
the main code is:

void CProjectDlg::Onplayer()
// TODO: Add your command handler code here
system("player");/* player is the name of the player's
executive file */
system("exit"); // i want to exit from dos window bu failed.

void CProjectDlg::Oncaculator()
// TODO: Add your command handler code here

Is anyone knows how to remove the Dos window thanks.
Yang Hui


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