backup SQL Server 2000 database while in use

I need to make a daily backup, several times a day, of a database, while that database is being used. The database is sql server 2000.
I would prefer to backup the database using a .bat file with the windows "copy" command. I don't know if this is possible but for the search in google and accoona that i've been making i found out that that is possible with MS SQL Server 2005 only. This is for a client and i wasn't the one who implemented the software solution at his companny, i'm accustomed to use MS Access, which offers no problems backing up the database using a .bat file.
If i can't use a .bat file, how can i make the backup with the database being used and without the user interaction?

Ricardo Furtado

My thanks in advanced


  • The simple filecopy backup is not a recommended way for backing up the databases on SQL Server 2000. The standard backup methods provided by SQL Server should be used in order to backup the databases. You can write a SQL Server Agent job or can create a Database Maintenance Plan (which in turn creates SQL Server Agent jobs) using SQL Server Enterprise Manager which could be easily scheduled to achieve what you're looking for. You also have options of taking Full, Differential, Transaction Log and File + FileGroup backups. For detailed information, you can refer to the following article:

    - HTH

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