theRock Open Source Game Engine

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[b]theRock Open Source Game Engine[/b]

[b]New Era Games[/b]


theRock is an open source game engine built on multiple frameworks. More specifically theRock uses the following API's


theRock is aimed at independent developers that would like to make real time 3d games. The engine is open source (under the GNU LGPL) and is aimed to be cross platform (Debian, Fedora, OSX, Win2k/xp).

This is an open source project, the only compensation offered is recognition for your work.

theRock is written in C++ and is aimed to run on the following systems:
Windows 2K/XP

Currently the rock is built on multiple frameworks and offers the same rendering capabilities found in the Ogre rendering engine. This includes things like multi-pass rendering, shaders support (HLSL, and Nvidia CG), skeleton animation, mesh deformations, terrain generation, terrain paging, and much more. Newton gives the engine collision detection, rigid body support, and supports a number of joint techniques (hinge, slider, ball & socket, universal, etc...)

[b]Talent needed:[/b]
I am looking for programmers that have some solid experience programming games. This project is at a very early stage (currently working on 0.1). I don't have time to train anyone but in general I'm looking for people who have experience with engine programming. Experience including the following would also be desirable.

Physics programming
Collision Detection
Network programming
Render Programming

Programmers should also have a solid understanding of common engine structures and what works/doesn't work with game logic.

Please only pursue this if you can dedicate time to it. I need people who will be serious, please don't waste my time.

[b]Team structure:[/b]
Currently the team is run by Rob Lane(Me)...yes I need help. I am the lead programmer and have been working on this project for about 2 years now. I write all the specifications, prototypes, test cases, and implement all the sub-systems.

theRock engine specifications can be located on the developers wiki at

If you are interested in helping contact me at

You can also drop a line at the New Era Games forums in the recruitment board, found at

[b]Additional Info:[/b]
I've completed the following:

Base engine kernel
Component Object Manager
Basic Physics Manager
Basic Joint Manager
Basic Audio Manager
Input Manager

I plan to use this engine to create some great Indie video games!

Positive only
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