Winsock headaches

It is I again.

The problem now is with TCP/IP socket sending and retrieval. My program will allow the user to define his account data with the purchased account number the first time the program is run. Immediately after, he is asked to log in. Both of these processes are TCP controlled, and both work.

This process does indeed work when the operation order is 1) Define, 2) Log in, but the problem now is the program allows the user to redefine his account data from a button on the log in dialog. This will open the same dialog as when the program is first run, and indeed the TCP works to reset the data. NOW, the problem is when the reset dialog exits and returns to the log in dialog. I try to log in and the program gets stuck on the send() method from winsock.

As is evident by the first run execution order, the server can process a reset command and a login command consecutively. Why would the client get stuck on the send for login when the reset has just returned successfully (the server processes the information and returns without error)?


  • Ya, um.... don't return from your listen thread before you're done. That's my advice to you all.

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