Querying Microsoft Exchange

I am working on an Access database that needs to get information from the contacts list (address book) on an MS Exchange Server.

Each 'casefile' record in Access has subrecords that contain contact information. In order to add one of these subrecords to the casefile, it must be selected from a list from Exchange. The list is built based on a query in Access (search by firstname, lastname, etc) and then sent to Exchange. Exchange then sends back the dynaset so that the user can select one of the contact records, which is then added to the casefile.

At least it should do that. I'm actually repairing this database for the people who didn't completely know what they were doing when they wrote it, so any methods of getting this done I'm open to.

I'm looking for either VisualBasic code that will do this, or a COM+ component that will do it for me. Does anyone have a clue?
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