ASM study guide, for asm test

I am writing a study guide for's ASM test.

First a little about they are a certified testing center partnered with many companies, and they seem to be pretty good. The tests i wrote were easy except the typing test, the digital forensics one which might still be free was 20 questions. Most tests are about 40 questions..

Anyways check em out. lots of computers/programming tests and others aswell. One that stands out is the sexual harassment test hehe.

Anyways, in the course outline, the first section goes as follows.. my question i think requires a dragon book(compiler design)

Test Outline
-Addressing Modes
Effective Addresses
Impact on Execution Cycles
Impact on Instruction Size
Which Mode to Use

Impact on Execution Cycles and Impact on Instruction size.. all i could find was information for the 286, can anyone help me out here?

Ive just been searching the internet, and i think i searched pretty thorough, though i dont know if google parsed shit from the intel docs, so maybe ill check those.. they are on another computer and i dont feel like downloading them right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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