how to learn vcl (borland c++ builder 6.0) ?

i'm new to windows programming. i know c++ and very litle about win32 programming. I am using borlands compiler and want to learn vcl programming (how the hierarchy itself works) but i dont know what to look for.
i want to know what are the posibilities for start.

how can i do that without reading the whole reference?

10x in advance :)


  • I am an active contributor to the CodePedia, of both the C++, C++ Builder and Win32 API programming sections. At, there is a tutorial and some items I've encountered while using C++ Builder. There is also a FAQ of which books to read.

    If there is a theme not covered yet, post it here and I (or we) might put it on the CodePedia.

    The VCL hierarchy can be downloaded on the Borland site by registered users. But for most programming, you do not need to know it exactly nor to know by heart.

    See ya,

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