vb/c# .net- win32 pgming - hooking--biiig prob4

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vb / c# .net
HI to all.. this is some thing more than the global hooking.
i got 3 many Questions for all you all for a single biiig problem..

Basic Q is: how to get handle of dialog-box opened from any application.

what i'm trying to do is :
while clicking "save/save as" button from ms-word a save-dialogbox appears. i want to replace that dialog box with my own application. I've gone through basic concept of hooking. and need your help. thank you

for this i've tried many weblinks and things for a week and more..
now i'm about to giveup and want your help.

I have tried Notepad-hook in which i can add new menu-item but how to get handle of "Save"-Button's handle?

I have tried above prog. but thats only for one newly opened untiled doc. i can get currently running notepad from Process class using System.Diagnostics.Process stuff... but how can i hook to this perticular notepad's button ?

so please help me in this context....

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