Window Close Annoys ASP Application

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I'm writing another version of my database management software (Written in ASP) and since it uses a login funcion and sets a login cookie with the session object, and in this version I want a maximum of 1 simultaneous sessions, I need to know when a user has logged out. However, if they click the close button in their browser without logging out first, the application thinks it's still in use so won't let another login for 20 minutes...

I need to know if there is any way possible that I can prevent them clicking on the close button (Or atleast make the close button display a dialog saying "Logout First!" and cancel the close) if they're not on the login page [Where they go after they logout].

This can be in either JavaScript or ASP, or both. [VBScript will also do - but I don't really want to be mixing 4 languages in 1 application].

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

-( Aaron )-
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