IPC - (Message Queue) - Help!!!!!

can anybody tell me what exactly should i do in order for me to increase the message queue limit of Redhat Linux 9 OS????


- s E a N


  • I don't know much about message queues but maybe this will help.

    message queues depend on two main variables

    MSGMAX - the maximum size for a message text (generally 8192 bytes). See /proc/sys/kernel/msgmax for the current value on your system.

    MSGMNB - the maximum size of a message queue (generally 16384 bytes). See /proc/sys/kernel/msgmnb for the current value on your system.

    The super user should be able to increase the size of a message queue beyond MSGMNB. Try looking at the msgctl system call, it might be able to do it.

    As far as i know you don't set a limit on the number of messages in a queue (for example 10 messags per queue), but rather it is dependant on the maximum size a queue (MSGMNB). In other words if you add up the size of the message text of each of the messages in the queue, it must be less than MSGMNB.


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