I ported this from C# To VB .net

Delegate Function AddToTreeView(node As TreeNode) As Integer

Private Sub ListDirectories()
Dim directoryList As ArrayList = Me.fileSystem.GetDirectories()

Dim ds As DirectoryStructure
For Each ds In directoryList
If ds.fileList.Count > 0 Then
Dim folder As New TreeNode(ds.di.Name.ToString())

Dim fi As FileInfo
For Each fi In ds.fileList
Dim file As New TreeNode(fi.FullName)
Next fi

'Vahe Karamian - 03/01/2005 - This is for Thread Safety
If treeView.InvokeRequired = True Then
' check if we running within the same thread
treeView.Invoke(New AddToTreeView(treeView.Nodes.Add), New Object() {folder})
End If
End If
Next ds
Me.fileSystem = Nothing
End Sub 'ListDirectories
I have read your VB .net threading sample and cant seem to figure out the addressof part for the treeview.invoke any help would be gratly appreciated.
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