Who has a MOD player which doesn't play an outside file?

Through the last year I've used Adlib players for the TMB intros AND games (Around the World is HSC!). Now I'm ready to move forward...

I've found many MOD players which plays files from the HD. For short intros you need a player which plays from a buffer or something. I've seen a lot of such intros and was wondering if anyone knew a good player.



TMB Lead programmer




  • minifmod : http://www.fmod.org

    minifmod is a size-optimized version of a very

    good player for windows.

    there's also something called mxmplayer,

    but i lost the url, which is not a tragedy,

    since this player sucks, IMO (although it is *VERY* small)

    you can also find a lot of players (mainly for DOS) at http://www.hornet.org .most of them come with source, and usually it is no problem to write a new loader that reads the module from memory.

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