Program Palm Pilots for Money!

Have an Idea? Choose a developer. Negotiate terms. Build a product. Get Paid, over and over and over again! IPswap ( is a revolutionary new marketplace built around the power of participation to cultivate innovation. IPswaps global marketplace directly connects individuals who use software-enabled products (cell phones, digital music players, GPS systems, DVRs, etc.) with developers who specialize in programming those devices. By enabling developers to communicate directly with the product users, an entirely new market has emerged! By allowing global developers the immediate ability to bid on projects and create software using our marketplace, all barriers to entry for the development community have been removed!

IPswap is the first and only electronic marketplace offering a disruptive approach to the way software is created, bought and sold. IPswap enables software developers to become entrepreneurs and software users to request new features that previously were unavailable to them. Once a developer and a software user agree to business, payment and future royalty terms, they can earn money by selling their new product as business partners on IPswap; the beauty of software is that it can be sold over and over and over again.

Please visit, sign up for free, begin posting ideas, and have a chance to win $1000 every month for the best new product request idea!

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