Assyria - Single Player RPG - Seeks c++ programmers.

Project name:

Brief description:
The main aim of this game is going to provide a deeply rich storyline that engulfs the people into the land of Assyria. To provide a technologically advanced spell system and richly detailed environment.

We want to be realistic in our goals, it is therefore a single player game. Our initial thoughs are to use Ogre 3d along with a "game engine" plugin for it however it's still very early on so designing the game is our current focus.

What is the game?
We are trying to create a truly new type of game. Our first thought was a fantasy, however we quickly decided that too many had been done. Out second thought was a Shadow Run (fantasy / sci-fi mix). This idea developed and we decided to include some global issues in with the plot.

Where does the game take place?
The world of Assyria is a magical place that has many different types of people. The individual tribes have found there own unique ways to adapt to the environment that they have been in for thousands of years. The world itself is very expansive and has many different environmental areas that help provide to the culture of the different tribes.

What is the main focus?
The basic plot is that there is a furitistic city surrounded by jungle. The city containes fururistic man, whilst the jungle has tribes of primitive man in.

The two had lived side by side for centuries without any problems until one day the tribal peoples holy site was destroyed. The technological people within the city were blamed. A war is waged between the tribal people and those in the technological city. Fighting goes on and almost all of the tribal city members die however they severely weaken the Tec cities defences (all die except for a few, including the main character).

It is later found out that the holy site was not destroyed by the people of the Tec City, but by a secret underground criminal organisation based below the city. The criminal organisations aim was to weaken the city, using the tribal city so that the criminals could take control of the city. It is then the main characters job to seek revenge on those within the criminal organisation

The final battle reveals that the criminal leader was the original Tribal leader who had fakes his own death in order to create a new identity, with which he can gain control of the technological city and the jungle surrounding

Whats different?
This game integrates an extensive story line in with a action based third person perspective. It has a completely unique fighting and spell system.

General Features
Highly detailed world.
Extensive storyline.
Multiple side quests.
Custom fighting and spell system.

Target aim:
Retail / Commercial

If the project is completed you will be payed royalties based upon money made from the game. However our main aim currentally is to create an amazing game, money has very little to to with it.

Ogre 3D

Talent needed:
C++ Programmers

Team structure:
Designers X3

A little knowledge about the team. There are three designers working on the project, all that have worked on previous projects. Two of the designers have some experiance in scripting.


Anyway thats the basics, we are looking for c++ programmers to help create addittional side quests and to help develop the plot further. We want someone who can help make the vision realistic.


You should have a good understanding of limitations within game programming. C++ is a must and preferable experiance with the engine "Ogre". Knowledge of AI programming, Network programming and Physics programming a huge plus.
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