Anti - Virus Programming in C++

hi ... i want to program a little anti-virus tool ... but i even don't know how a program can detect another program as a virus ...

... so ... where can i find more about the scan and search methods? ... maybe somebody could help me ;) ...

and ... don't look at the grammars ;) ... i know my english isn't the best :)


  • little & anti virus?

    Not posible. Too many virius types to detect.

    Besides, exe's are extraordinarily complex! trying ot determine if whats in them could be a virius! that is mind bogling!

    you show good spirit though!

  • Lets see .. If you just want to do it for fun ..then you could get the book ..

    The Giant black book on Computer viruses ..learn alittle assembler and spend time thinking and researching .. It starts out with com files ..which are much simpler ..

    thou in theory ..the Mind can pick up much much complex as a person that i am ..i would sa ..the more complex the more fun ..the more fun the more complex and therefore the more complex the more fun .. i know i might seem a bit looplyyy pardon the grammer/grammar ..

    the main point being that..not only is anti virus programming going to be a fun and chanllenging .. because alot of people arnt gonna tell you there secrets ..thou since tis such a field .. you might find interesting programming ideas for example in the book i mentioned above ...

    which is available in PDF and Online format at ..

    its fun stuff..thou you have to learn the unfun stuff for example..gotta learn stuff that dosnt really being used thou it provides good examples of overall .. basic idea ..

    for eample infecting com files and writting code that compiles or assembles to com format ..which is like ..
    say learning to draw a line ..once you can draw a straight freehand line can now learn to join them at a certain point.. having learnt the accuracy of freehand line drawing you are about to get some taste of how to draw Robot like creatures ..

    well anyways .. If you want to go ahead with it and your main aim isnt just Anti virus but also studying and reversing most malicious tools..since its just a fun thing to do and challenging ..

    send me a message ..and perhaps i and you could try and see if we can find user who like to study anti virus and virus development ..

    take care pal and good thoughts ..
  • hi i am naggappan, i am also intrested in creating in codings for viurs , malware analzing etc.. and creating antiviurs codes...
    presently i am working in "symantec- norton antiviurs " in chennai india as a technical support agent .. my basic worki is virus removal services and simple installations issues i will take computer in remote and work in it...

    but my intrest is like creating firewall programming and other reverse engineering tools process.. but i don't know how to start... i searched the link which you gave to download the book but i did not get..

    so if you people are really intrested join me also i will also study a lot and sure i can also help you a lot because norton enginering team is also working above where i work .. they are just one flore above.. but its difficult to meet them any how i can catch some one learn more knowledge but before going and asking them i shoud be through with some concepts

    so as you said we should draw a line and then start studying and work on it.. so can you please send me only one book link so that we could finish that first and work on it,..
    because if i am throught in it after 2 yrs i ahve internal shift so i will also able to transfert to engineering team in norton

  • This post has been deleted.
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