Couldn't find installable ISAM

Hi all

Im a new junior developer at a certain company in South Africa and Ive been given a task to debug someone elses program .The program (is suppose to) connects to excel and send smss depending on what it find,
The problem is the program is not working anymore it give a Couldn't find installable ISAM error.
Can anybody help out there as Im still new at this company and I need to make an impression.

Here is a snipped off the code

Private dbsCellFile As Database
Private rstCellFile As Recordset
Private ol As Outlook.Application
Private olns As Outlook.NameSpace
Private InboxFldr As Outlook.MAPIFolder
Private msg As Outlook.MailItem
Private optTicked As OptionButton

Private Sub cmdSMS_Click(nIndex As Integer)
On Error GoTo ehSMS
Dim strXlFile As String, strSMSfile As String, strBillFile As String
Dim strCell As String, strMsg As String, strTemp As String
Dim fCellOK As Boolean
Dim strItem As String
Dim lngSmsCnt As Long
Dim lngHwnd As Long

Select Case nIndex
Case 0 'create sms file
MousePointer = vbHourglass
strXlFile = filSMS.Path & "" & filSMS.FileName '"F:downloadsavonCell.xls"
strSMSfile = "c:sms.txt" '"c:documents and settingsvdweljdesktopsms.txt"
strBillFile = "c:SmsBilling.txt" '"c:documents and settingsvdweljdesktopSmsBilling.txt"

Set dbsCellFile = OpenDatabase(strXlFile, False, False, "Excel 4.0;HDR=NO;")
Set rstCellFile = dbsCellFile.OpenRecordset("A1:B50000")

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