Dump Data from Audio CD

Hi, I need the basic structures needed to dump data from an audio cd to my hdd. The program must open the /dev/cdrom in linux and dump all the tracks on the CD in a file on my hdd. Once the file has been dumped to the hdd I must write another program that will read this file and play it through the soundcard. Can someone teach me the basics of how this must be done. I have already tried something like:
fp = fopen("/dev/cdrom", "r")
int ch = getc(fp)


  • you should be able to open it with fopen("/dev/cdrom", "rb")

    then use fread() to read from the file descriptor, while using feof() to check for end of file.

    but you should probably look into the cdparanoia library (http://www.xiph.org/paranoia/) for fetching the data from the CD.


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