Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post, but it at least seemed the most likly.

Maybe i should breifly explain my problem here. It all started about 6 months ago, when i decided i wanted to learn to build web pages. In the last 6 months i have taught myself to code in Html, actionscript to be fairly profficiant with the macromedia suite, and i'm currently learning Java.

My problem is that i now have a specific need, that i dont know how to do... and, furthermore, i dont know where to start to learn how to do it.

I need to create a form on my website that will allow the user (customer) to fill in details about themself, I then need this information to be provided to myself in a format that will allow me to create a CV for them.

I believ this sort of interactivity / information agtehring mechanism is going to require me to learn MySql & PhP. But, im not certain on this.

Basically all i need is for someone to point me at the thing i need to master. I cannot teach myself to do something when i dont know what to learn.

Its very frustrating. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance, and look forward to re-discovering my direction and getting my teeth into a new problem.


  • you are correct on the MySQl and PHP, but its not the only solution you can also use ASP ans SQLServer from microsoft. there are other messageboards you can visit here, there's the ASP, PHP, MySQL,SQL,Perl. JavaScript,VBScript, etc...
    but in totality you need the following to be able to make your project:

    1. learn HTML (you can do hardcode, but most people are using WYSIWYG like coldfusion or dreamweaver or Frontpage),you use this to display your page.
    2. learn a scripting language (choices: ASP,Perl,PHP: this will process your information) optional: VBscript, Javascript, c/c++, Java.
    3. Database ( this is where you will store your information)
    4. learn SQL ( so you can access your database)

    great to learn or have also will be additional scripting and graphics designing( FLASH, PHOTOSHOP ,COREL or others) so you can add more life to your page/site.

    happy learning...
    it happens...

    baboy... baboy...


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