comparing execution time ( multithreded vs serial)

Hi All,
I wrote a program in C for this and I saw that multithreaded program was taking more time than its serial counterpart on some machine.

1. On an AIX machine specially designed for threads the threaded program shows less execution time but on linux 3.0 machine the serial program takes lesser time that should not.
2. A multithreaded program takes more time than a serial counterpart but if we increase the amount of computation than also it gives justifiable results.
3. For some I/O operations like opening and closing of a file and doing some R/W on it the time increases but again on a machine linux 4.0 with 4 processors which has the maximum thread spawn limit as 16384 it gives opposite results ie multithreaded program is taking more time than serial.

Please justify it and solve my problem.

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