Broken logonui.exe

I am a Linux user and am new to Windows XP. I am running the 64-bit edition on an AMD64.

The logonui.exe program seems to be completely broken on my system. I don't want to have to reinstall the Operating System. I have Linux installed with ntfs-fuse so I have read, write, create, and delete support, so I can go and change things on the hard drive.

The problem is with logonui.exe, so I am wondering how hard it would be to write my own.

What happens now is that I can only log in as administrator (root) and not as a regular user (user). I only have an explorer window. When I try to run things, it gives me an error message about being over a quota. However, if I right-click and do "run as...", it works, but again only as root. I suspect that this is because user does not have a password set because there is an error message vaguely to that effect. (Since I am root, shouldn't I be able to change users without knowing their password?) Of course, if I run other programs, they have the same restriction. Interestingly, if I run cmd.exe, I can then run programs normally. However, the cmd.exe window closes after a short time. Also, CTRL+ALT+DELETE does not work from this strange mode that I am stuck in.

I tried running userinit.exe, but that just gives me another explorer window. I tried setting logon to classic mode, but it has the same problems.

So, what do I have to do to remove this quota limitation / set it to what it would normally be for that user? How do I enable CTRL+ALT+DELETE? I suspect that logonui.exe is supposed to do all of these things for me. Does anyone know specifically what logonui.exe does after the user authenticates? Is there an open source replacement
of it or anything? Where is the documentation for logonui.exe?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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