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i need help on executeing a program from and help on how to write exe files from Thanks for any help!


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    RE: Help on how to write exe files from Thanks for any help!



    The rest of this might be a crazy answer so please ignore it if it is!!
    [b] The BIN (short for BINary) is where VB.Net stores an EXE of your program. Look in your MyDocuments folder under [blue]Visual Studio Projects[/blue] folder. Select your project folder and find the EXE in the BIN folder. [/b] :-)

    Hope this helps?


    Now for the "crazy" bit....LOL.>>

    [b]As two copies of VB or .Net running at the same time i think would be impossible unless.>>[/b]

    The only way i can think of doing this is to have any two of the following installed.>>
    [red]1) Visual Studio 2003[/red]
    [green]2) Visual Studio 2005[/green]
    [blue]3) Visual Basic Express edition 2005[/blue]
    3) Is FREE from.>>

    As each installs to a separate directory. :-)
    Then if one program allows input from another you could use say 3) to write a program with a program written under 1) i guess?

    This is like controlling EXCEL with a bit of VBA (almost).

    Ask in the MSDN forums too, in case anyone there knows if this can be done.


    Then get 3) to save the project in 1) and you would get an EXE in the BIN folder as usual.
    I can't see why you would want to do this though?


    Dr M.

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