Lightscribe w/o Lightscribe - the Antilightscribe

Someone please convert and translate 100 lines of C code to Visual Basic 6 (not .NET) for me - for the WORLD!!!

What it does:
Makes your ordinary non-lightscribe CDR etch an image onto an ordinary generic CD-R blank disc.

I have C source to a rough program that needs to be translated into VB6, where I will take it to freeware status.
If you want to be included prominently in the credits for this program and have a chance at history in the making,
and you know C and VB6 really well, please respond enthusiastically!
Feel free to develop a lookalike project - proliferation of this project IS desirable -

The facts:
1. First off - It is a small simple program. Maybe 100 lines.

2. No SPECIAL HP DRIVE or SPECIAL CD-R would ever be REQUIRED again with this program.
We can sink the proprietary GIANT's evil scheme! (Joking - sort of)

3. I've seen the .jpg of an ACTUAL burned CD-R, and the image file really burned a picture on it. This is the FIRST TIME EVER to have been done. EVER.

4. The original author of the source has already handed the project to me, and is an MIT genius type w/o a lot of time.

5. I'm a good VB programmer, but some of the CD-R API stuff I don't know. I'll make the user interface and polish up of the math a bit.
I'd love to make it work with DVDs as well.

It generates an CD image file that can already be burned with another program anyway.
I'm excited, but can't wrap my mind around the C source, so I can't yet see it work for myself

I have a vested interest in its sucess as I tried myself to do this for months and agonized over it with NO SUCCESS.
(Haven't we all at one point or another wished we could? Remember the etched discs they sold as tops as a fad for a while?)

I'll only e-mail/post it public when someone agrees to help so we'll be the first!!!

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