KeyCode Values not same in Target after Deployment

Is there some way to standardize the values for Keycode characters? I have an application that uses the KeyUp and KeyPress events to validate TextBox data entry. However, the values for e.KeyCode and e.KeyPress which are generated by VB code while developing in VS 2003 are not the same as when the application is compiled and installed on a target machine. In other words, the KeyCode for zero is not the same in the VB code as on the target machine. Therefore, the validation fails.

I figured this out by installing a simple app on the target machine which displayed the KeyCode values in a TextBox. The values on the target were completely different from the ones on my machine. The BackSpace and Enter KeyCodes were the same, however (8 and 13).

I don't know if this makes any difference, but I originally upgraded this project from VB6 to VS 2003. The upgrade wasn't very successful and I wound up having to re-write most of it anyway since it employed some control arrays.

thanks alot.


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