Prolog program help needed

Hi friends,

I need a help in prolog.

the question is that: there are 4 labs with 15 computer each and connected to a 16 port switch and the switches are connedted to another main swithch. there is another department with 10 computer and connected to a switch and this switch is again connected to the mainswitch. there is a server and also connected to the main switch, and a printer is connected to the server, for the 10 computer to use. another printer is connected to main switch via a printer sever for those 4 lab to use. 2 router is connected to get internetfacilities to thes machines.

my question is that:

-if one or more device not functioning properly, write some rules (10 rules)please give me some rules

-write simple prolog program to store knowledge about the computer network and locate malfunctioning devices.

any one who could help me to solve above mention problem??

Best regards

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