Retrieving Hardware Informaiton from Remote Computer

Hi friends,

I am a HND student, trying to do my IP, I am doing a network controlling system, where I can Get the client Desktop, Denied the client desktop, send message, and retrieve hardware Information of the client machine.

I am using winsock, and having 2 different programs, 1 for client and 1 for server.

first I need to add the IP address of the server computer to the client program enable to communicate with the server program.

In server program there is a list box, when a client is on and server is running then the server program list box will get the name of the client machine. and by right clicking on that I can get a popoup of the command that I can send to the client machine.

Now I need to add a function that can retrieve hardware information of the client machine. (I have a treeview added in my server main form, i need to get the client machine hardward information to my server treeview). and I need to change those hardware information which retrieve from client machine to be stored in a text file, and gget the report of hardware information of all the machine which are connected to the server machine.

Please help me in this matter.

thank you in advance.

best Reagrds
Abdul Wahid


  • Hey, i hav done a little bit work in this regard u shud study the following API'S

    1. SetupDIGetImageList
    2. SetupDIDestroyImageList
    3. SetupDIGetClassDevs
    4. SetupDIGetDeviceRegistryProperty
    5. SetupDIEnumDeviceInfo

    these r the api's that will help u in getting hardware information
    just send a message to ur client for sending u the hardware info of the client computer........First two will help u in retrieving the image of the hardware that windows uses in device manager.
    i hav the code but its in VC++.

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