Problem with tomcat.....Plz, Help me...

I want to install tomcat5.0 in XP window.I 've already installed in own system but it is not working :----

Steps I 've followed in installation:---
1. installed Oracle 9i in D:Oracle9i
2. installed j2sdk1.4
3. set path C:j2sdk1.4in in Window environment....
4. set JAVA_HOME =C:j2sdk1.4
5. intalled tomcat5.0 in c:Apache omcat5.0.....

but, when i m starting the tomcat5.0 then it is not working and Tomcat home page is not displaying (not show examples) properly.... at http://localhost:8080/jsp/somefile.jsp , file is copied in webapps of tomcat eg. login.jsp.

Error : 404 file not found....
page not display...


  • Hi,
    you can't run the default page on the server or just some other jsp page located in the root directory of your application? Make sure you have the web.xml file in the web-app folder.
  • Are you getting any error message in server console?
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