Strange problem with ssh,X11forwarding and ssh-agent


maybe, someone has some experience wtih this:
I run a debian sid on my local computer. I generated my keys using a passphrase and add the key on startup via ssh-add to the agent.
When i connect to a remote host (also debian, but sarge) where my public key is known and autorized (via ~.ssh/authorized_keys) everthing seems to work fine (don't need to type password or passphrase).
But, when i start any X application (like xclock) it will be executed locally on my computer, not on the remote host! Normally only the output should appear on my computer, the execution should take place on the remote host.
I suppose it has something to do with the dbus-daemon (which is also being started and used to initialized with the ssh-agent), but i can't figure out, what happens. When i delete the key from the agent (via ssh-add -D) the xcommand is executed on the remote host and everthing is working like i suppose (sure, i have to enter my passphrase to connect).
Before you ask: Yes, i'm sure i'm on the remote host. Yes, i know that X11forwarding is somewhat insecure. Yes, i know that the remote host isn't compromised. It only happens when i connect with the same user on the local and remote machine.

So, maybe, you can explain me what happens or give me a link to a page where i can find useful infomation (i looked at, but the description for dbus wasn't very helpful to me).



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