msn alias limited to 20 letters

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My MSN registered email becomes cut off after the 20th character on my personal page. (it becomes olle.bergkvist@yahoo) only.

Now everybody thinks it is BUT it is!

If i had a longer email it would be impossible to see the last part of the adress at all.

I think this happens because Tore thinks that [b]MSN alias = Hotmail[/b] but lot of people have registered email adresses fom other companies.

So if you got some time left Tore would it be nice if you fixed this. Thanks.

[b]Edit:[/b]Does ANYONE have an opinion about this???
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  • At the time I wrote it I assumed the Messenger ID was quite small, like a number they use on ICQ. so I made that field quite short.

    But you are right , I Should expand it so a real email address will fit in there.


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