3D Graphics Programmer for hacking tool wanted


I have an interesting idea for an internet browsing app which makes the internet seem like a 3D environment. If you've seen Lawnmower Man (I think that was the film) then you know what I mean. Also as I have evolved the idea in my head, it has occurred to me that it would be a very useful tool for hacking.

I'm very competent at general programming and network programming, but when it comes to 3D programming I can do a bit of maths and that's it, so I need a 3D programmer to do the graphics part of it.

It will be a fairly minimalist interface, so I don't suppose there will be too much work. It will just be a 3d graphical representation of a bunch of data, and i have some ideas already how I want to represent that data. However I would be keen to hear other ideas. I would also be happy for said programmer to add purely visual embellishments.

If you are interested, email me as JontomXire at Yahoo_co_uk.
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