Any info on DLL files or "general" code publishing please?

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Hi all,

I am currently developing a GRAPHICS DEMO which uses some of my own routines that will add further functionality to VB.Net if i can write or convert the entire code to a lower level format like a DLL file.

If i wrote this in "VISUAL C#" or "VISUAL C++" would the final code be any faster?
I have the full VISUAL STUDIO PROFESSIONAL 2003 package free from the academic alliance of Microsoft's Developers site through my university MSDNAA account.

Users could then CALL the routines within the DLL or if i just publish the routines as PUBLIC SUB's then i guess they could be used by anyone?

Any suggestions on where "on this forum site" or/and elsewhere it would be a good idea to post my routines please?

I guess the IMPORTS command could be used?

Any advice in this area would be most welcome.


Dr M.

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