World Education Computer Shops Chain Need Directors/Teams/Consultant

World Computer Shops Chain

Develop the multimedia interactive free education courses.
Need Non Executive Directors, Consultant or interim manager, Manager, Project Teams

The investors, financial institutes may give some money


GuangXing Zhang, Investment Agent
201Rm, 194# Enning Rd.
Guangzhou, China 510140
(8620) 8182-4525

2. Business objectives
What are your short term objectives?

Branches in 80 countries, in cities and rural
Multimedia Interactive Education Courses, in Shops, Free
Multimedia Interactive education web site Free

Include Courses
Biz English
Biz Administration
Customer Service
International Languages
English & versions in 80 countries

Free Business - Broadband Internet Access
Used Computer & Hardware Sales Computer Maintenance
New computer hardware related products biz machines & products sales
Global Business to Customer Web Site

Keep the same computing and business utilities, and skills as all developed countries.

Current generations of citizens to work for a better life and a place in history.

It's yours responsibility.

South Africa Namibia Zimbabwe Zambia

Gambia Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone

Rwanda Mozambique Sudan Somalia Uganda Tanzania

Libya morocco Tunisia Egypt

Bosnia Macedonia Malta Croatia Serbia and Montenegro


Belarus Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Ukraine Moldova Estonia Latvia Lithuania

Afghanistan Pakistan Kazakhstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan


Palestinian Iran Iraq

India Bangladesh

East Timor



Indonesia Malaysia

Cambodia Laos Vietnam Thailand

Sri Lanka



Cuba Dominican Republic


What are your medium term objectives?
Next develop model, location track, voice track, view track, deploy data glove, other input device, voice, HMD, and enhance virtual reality


What are your long term objectives?

Keep the same computing and business utilities, and skills as all developed countries.

Current generations of citizens to work for a better life and a place in history.

It's yours responsibility.

3. Key personnel
Details of the key people in the business
Name GuangXing Zhang Date of birth Nov 4, 1973

Position in the business Chairman General Manager
Academic/professional qualifications
English Major, Fashion Major, Law Major
Business, Fashion, Law, WTO Law
Experience and knowledge of your industry
Algeria Reform, Iran Earth Quake Aid Assist, Australia Sustainable Development, Africa Rail Promoting and Design


Proposed additions to the present management team
Skills required Position Proposed salary
Non Executive Directors Negotiable
Consultant or interim manager Negotiable
Manager Negotiable
Project Teams Negotiable

All positions do the job in return for a share in the company.

Wishing to spend some of their time in exchange for a reward in the future.

We have a lot of used computer supplies and new computer hardware manufacturers

We must control the budget well, so the chain can establish in 80 countries, in cities and rural.

Intel 3G
Windows XP Professional x64
128MB PCIe x16 NVIDIA Quadro FX
19" Liquid-crystal Display

Or used 17 monitors and used computers, etc.

The courses in textbooks, Subjects all grades:
1 Business English
English Language Skills Assessment
English for Business
English for Commerce
Practical Business English
Spoken English for Industry and Commerce
Written English for Tourism

2 Finance
Advanced Business Calculations
Book-keeping and Accounts
Business Calculations
Business Statistics
Commercial Calculations
Cost Accounting
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting

3 Business Administration
Administration (Business and People)
Audio Transcription
Business Administration
Business Practice
Business and Industrial Administration
Principles and Practice of Management
Text Production Level
The Legal Environment

4 IT
Contact Centre Operations
Information Systems for Business
Keyboarding Speed Test
Practical Computing
Practical Word Processing
Using the Internet
Programming (No textbook, you need to produce new courses)
Windows (No textbook, you need to produce new courses)
Linux (No textbook, you need to produce new courses)

5 Marketing
Advanced Website Design
Internet Marketing
Public Relations
Selling and Sales Management
Website Design

6 Customer Service
Call Centre Operations
Customer Service

7 International Languages
French for Business
German for Business
Spanish for Business

Main language is English
Produce versions official languages for 80 countries in same time


Used Computer & Hardware Sales, Computer Maintenance

There have many investors from world, financial institutes, franchise

Time Frame: ASAP
Prefer deliver the first batch courses in the first month.

GuangXing Zhang

Investment Agent
201Rm, 194# Enning Rd. Guangzhou China 510140


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