Embedded Development!

I am looking for these skill sets, if you know of anyone please forward. Several openings at various levels & Clients for software/firmware engineers responsible for the development of embedded software and firmware for interactive digital settop terminals. Highly desirable skills will include familiarity with hardware/software tradeoffs, C, assembly languages, real-time kernals, digital video and audio, analog video

and audio, digital signal processing, and communications protocols.

Opportunities are available for (1) ASIC and board bring up utilizing skills in complex hardware/software and video/audio/data systems, (2) BIOS-like firmware development for software download and boot through the 2-way cable network, and (3) secure microprocessor firmware

implementing the latest cryptographic technology.

Qualified candidates will have a minimum education of a BSEE. Pluses include an MSEE and experience in an R & D environment.

I have clients that are in Embedded Development in Atlanta, Austin, Orlando,Seattle, and Tampa.

Thank You,

Brandon H. Gruwell

Engineering Staffing Consultant


770-353-5389 Direct Line

877-885-2517 Toll Free



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