SMS auto reply


Im a new member of SITE. a friend introduces me this site. i have a problem. im now developing an SMS system using VB6 language, using a serial port Data cable, Nokia 3310 model. I manage to make my system able to connect and disconnect the phone, but the problem is, i dont have any idea how to make it work autoreply, which the system is able to receive Message and reply to it automatically.

For example, anyone type 'result' and send to the phone number.

when the phone receive the sms, it will send it to the system and system read the 'result' as command, and give feed back by sending the result.

i have made 3 months research, but still cant figure it out.
im a pre-graduate student, and really needed this project to be done so tht i could graduate.

Can u help with suggestion of code, or maybe useful sites..

anyone tht have idea with it, please kindly respond, or message me.
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