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  • Yep, that's a big question. I'm not sure how the requirement of this being a LAN/VPN application fits into it... that's really just a question of how you set up your server (only accept LAN connections).

    Regarding the most appropriate tool for this job... the functionality you listed is a little vague, so take this with a grain of salt, but I don't see anything there that indicates that any one language would be more appopriate than another (technically speaking, anyhow). That said, based off what you have below, I'd say PHP is as good as Perl is as good as .NET is as good as Java. Go with whichever you're comfortable with, because it seems like all four can do what you want.


    : okay, so i have only basic knowledge of this whole server-side scripting thing... so i need anyone who is will to help me learn.
    : having one server for a local area network i want to, using VPN, allow a couple of laptops and a couple of desktops to be able to:
    : 1. login with password
    : 2. access login specific information
    : 3. access forms for submission to server
    : 4. have server autorespond to certian users when forms are submited
    : 5. allow certain users to view, and approve or deny forms submited
    : 6. have decision returned to submiter or forms
    : 7. have all forms accessed, submited, logins, basicly all actions taken on server recorded to a log or database.
    : i know that this is alot to ask for help with. i'm just not sure if php is going to be the best tool or if i should go with something else like java, or .net but i am most familiar with php since i have some web design experience with it.

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