email Contents of DataSet or Data table

hey guys, i'm in need of some serious help here.
i've got a project with little time to research and barely enough time to code.
i know this may sound simple to you guys, and that's great.
all help is appreciate and i'm picking up lunch for this.
the .exe will run as a service and seach a database every 60 seconds for records based on a condtion.
if condition exists, fetch the records and send an email.

i need to retrieve these records from a database as a dataset or datatable and then put those records in the Body of an email.
i have to display them in table form + insert a logo as well. and im thinking i need to use something like.
oMailMsg.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Html
i've had no success embedding the .jpg in the email when i dont use MailFormat.Html.
my Problem is handling the data retrieved - since it will be a collection and needs to fit neatly in a table w/ borders format.
thanks for any help
Can Anyone help or direct me to a solution that can do this?

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