This is urgent! please help!

Can anyone please help me out here? Check out 37356 program by Chetu under computer graphics section. It talks about making a 2D computer graphics application. I have a couple of questions which i hope somebody can help me out with. I tried contacting Chetu but so far no reply.
1. Where is the image file stored and as what type?
When u draw a figure, say a spiral on the workspace and give the save option. It asks you for the filename, and when u open it with the same filename u get the saved image. What i want to know is - where is it actually being stored and as what sort of file - jpg,bmp or someother file.
2. Sometimes when you go to the initial screen the position where the mouse was earlier situated may have a the colour of the screen that was before the initial screen came on. Why is that? does it have something to do with lack of memory?
3. Can anyone tell me what is the mechanism behind the copy, cut and paste applications?? That goes for any sort of graphics applications.

I have an exam on 28th i.e. Saturday morning- please help me out!!!!
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