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To start, thanks for reading this. I am a highschool going progarmmer taking the secound year of my computer science class. I am faced with a choice by the teacher of my class. There are 6 students in this class and we were given the choice of what type of programming we would like to do. The first year we learned visual basics, and i loved it. So if any of u have an idea on what a highschool level progarmming app that we can use easly and with some fun please tell me. Im leaning more towards sound, music, and animation of some sort, but all answers are appectable.



  • Well Harvy.
    It's pretty nice of you to say what you're interested in, it makes it easier to answer.
    If you are interested in Multimedia, DirectX could be your choice, regarding that DirectX is NOT a programming language itself, it's just punch of APIs, you can implement it from C/C++ or even Visual Basic. But I recommend you to start on Python, it's light and easy and OOP. You can start directly on C or C++ if you think you are a tuff fellow but it could be difficult and that makes a challenge, doesn't it.. :)
    Good Luck

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