programming a PIC to read inputs from joystick(PICC or assembler code)


I was wondering, do you know anything about programming joysticks or building pcb's.

I'm trying to program a PIC 16F876 to read the inputs of a joystick. the joystick is supposed to act as a gear (like you have in cars). if the pic takes a particular reading from the joystick, it then does something.

Actually, i have the pic also connected to a speech synthesizer which says whether an input is right or wrong. For instance, if i wanted that every time the pic reads 20ohms from the joystick, the speech synthesizer should say "gear 1 entered" else it should say "wrong entry", how do i go about doing it. I look forward to your reply. (Please programming should be in PicC or machine code)

Thank you.
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