Client Server Queing

Here is my problem. This is for C++ linux gcc compiler.

1. There are say 10 processors each sending message packets to the server. Server will store those packets in STL queue. Each processor will put the message in seperate queue. For example if there are 10 processors sending messages in the server side there will be 10 queues.

2. Then there should be a read thread which will read the messages from the queue and put that in a process buffer, were i need to do some time comparison and send the packet with oldest time to a client.
This reading should be in such a way that

3. First time i need to take all the first message from all the queue and put it in the process buffer and do the time comparison. Suppose the queue number 2 has the oldest time stamp it will be send to the client first from the process buffer. and the next packet from the queue 2 will fill that empty sport in the process buffer and this goes on untill all the queue are empty.

Any help and suggesions are welcome. If any one of you interested in looking at the code you are welcome.


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