Need to change a Message Board .asp to a Discussion

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I was wondering if someone can help me.
I am completley new to .asp.
I have a website for the Equine industry and the boards were created by a programmer. I just purchased it a couple weeks ago.
I have one board which is now a message board, which my viewers would like to see reply to post added.
Basically turning it into a discussion board.
I really need it to keep the same look as this is what people are use to. I do not want viewers to have to login.
I need to be able to delete posts.
Basically I would like replies shown underneath. No new forums etc.
The page where the board is
I am learning VERY slowly as I do want to ad more boards.
I have access and Frontpage and I have to FTP everything on to this website.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Thank You

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