A software ruined my system, HELP!!!!!!

I installed the 'surf2cash' software that runs a console while you are surfing.

Well, that program blocks every other program like ICQ or Napster.

That's why I deinstalled it but my system is still fucked up!! When I start ICQ I just see it for half a second and then it disappears!

I NEED HELP!! I guess there is a part of the program left that blocks any other .exe that tries to access the internet.

The bad thing is: The damn surf2cash company's support email-address is full (I get my emails back from a demon).

So feel free and hack those bastards cause their software is like an official virus...

Thanks for you help,



  • Ok, post the link of the install program. I'll install it on one of my spare windows directory and see what the $!#@# it did. Then I'll come back with results.

  • ok

    since those bastards deleted my account and I can't create a new one (it's all blocked), you have to join the thing yourself or I can upload the setup.exe somewhere else and give you the url of that.

    It would go pretty fast to just join them and then download the file.

    I can't wait to hear what you found out...


  • This is the right url: www.surfing2cash.com


  • Damn! There are sites, including this one:http://www.surfing2cash.com/signup.asp, I visit that give me this:

    (There's nothing I can do about this)

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e07'

    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Error converting data type varchar to bit.

    /signup.asp, line 251

  • huh so you can't sign up?

    Well, the site works for me... or do you mean

    after you filled in your information?

    Anyway I'm gonna upload the setup.exe somewhere so you can help me.

  • alright here is the setup.exe.

    It is the setup program for the 'cash console' which messed up my whole system.

    I hope you find something out.



  • I just tested the link so

    if the download doesn't work: do this:

    first you go to the main page:


    and from there you go to:


    that should work


  • Darn. I tried to post the results and it showed a stack overflow error. Text was too long. I can email you the results.

  • ok fine you have my address.


    It works!!!!!!

    ICQ works again!!

    I replaced the msxml.dll and riched32.dll with the older files I still had

    on another computer. Dunno if everything will work perfectly (since I didn't

    change the registry) again but this looks pretty good.

    Thank you so much man!

    Programmers are the best!! hehehe


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