FEW question : Starting programming for Mobile application - IMP

Dear friends,

I am new to programming especially for MOBILE applications.
I have few questions - I will appreciate if someone can address these questions.

1. What is WML and why can't I directly use HTML for front end development for - webBASED mobile application ?

Infact , I saw one PDA in which, I can open Yahoo.com in PDA.

Does that mean, this YAHOO.com is opened via WML or

PDA can open HTML pages also ?

If I need to create one page , which can take some input data and then send it to Servlet and
again return back with some data - and If I need to access this page VIA Mobile gadget / PDA / Cell Phone

I need to create same HTML page in WML page.

That means , for COMPUTER-web access I need to deploy one HTML and
for MOBILE-Web access I need to deploy one WML file.

I am not sure if I understood correct ?

Please have your valuable suggestions.

thank you.
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