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Hospital Management System

1. Problem Statement

While working in a hospital as an IT expert (imagine you are bored of management and you want to try technical challenges!), you have conducted a requirement analysis using all the technical methods that allows "fact findings and gathering" and "requirement analysis". In your specification, you have identified the following information:

Information about entities:

Ward: a treatment center within the hospital. There are three types of wards which are maternity, pediatric and emergency care. Each ward has a ward number and a name.

Patient: a person who is either admitted to the hospital or is registered in an outpatient program. Each patient has a patient number (identifier) and a name.

Employee: any employee employed as a part of the hospital staff. There are two types of employee which are medical staff or non-medical staff. Each employee has an employee number, and a name.

Physician: a member of the hospital medical staff who may administer medical treatments. Each a physician has an ID (identifier) and a name.

Bed: a hospital bed that might be assigned to a patient who is admitted to a hospital. Each bed has a bed number (identifier), a room number, and a ward associated.

Treatment: any test or a procedure performed by a physician on behalf of a patient. Each treatment has a treatment ID that consists of two parts: treatment number, and a treatment name.

Information about relationships:

Each hospital employee is assigned to work in one or more wards. Each ward has at least one employee, and may have many employees assigned to it.

A given patient may or may not be assigned to a bed (since some patients are outpatients). A bed may be empty.

A patient must be referred to the hospital by exactly one physician. A physician may refer any number of patients or may not refer any patients.

Physicians may perform any number of treatments on behalf of any number of patients, or may perform any treatments. A patient may have treatments performed by any number of physicians. For each treatment performed on behalf of a given patient by a particular physician, the hospital records the following information: treatment date, treatment time, and results.

You have to develop a Hospital System that can be used to manage the operation of the hospital. The system will be used by the hospitals management side to improve their effectiveness. You will be able to earn bonus marks if you can develop the required system plus some extra significant features. You are also required to design a suitable output format and interface.


Create base and derived classes based on the given entities. You must use the inheritance and polymorphism concepts in the OOP. If you omit one of the concept then marks will be reduced.
Create suitable attributes for all the classes. Every base class will have general attributes and derived class will have specific attributes.
Use files (text or binary) to store all the information.
The system should have the ability to add, modify, delete and view the records. Those are the basic operations for a database.
Use your knowledge about database system to design the hospital system. Each entity has a relationship with other entities.

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