C++ Cricket Game LinkedList object dying across multiple .cpp files

I have been asked to develop a cricket game in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

I have been told it is a sufficiently large enough program to use Control Classes. That i should not bulk my program up into main.

I have started to seperate the functions out however when i create an object and assign data to the object. When i come to call on this object in another .cpp file it return 0 or -8576930 as if it hasnt been initialised. I am sure it is due to scope of variables and objects however i am not able to put my finger on just what it is it wants/needs to allow me to see the objects data i just created in the other .cpp file.

I know this isnt the clearest of description but if anyone can shed any light on this particular problem.. i would be gratefull..

If i was left to program it in the main it would not be a problem i dont think but they have specifically asked that code be structured into control classes....

If anyone would like to download or take a look at my program for me let me have an email address and i can forward you my efforts....


  • VC++ 6.0 has an excellent debugger -- compile the program for debug and step through the program so that you can see the value of the variables.
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