Problem with update data from the dataset to the database


Can someone please help me to solve this problem? I am trying to update the data from the dataset to the database with the following code, but what I get back after run this program is an error like this "An unhandled exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in Additional information: Dynamic SQL generation for the UpdateCommand is not supported against a SelectCommand that does not return any key column information"

Here is my code:

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

' Declare a Command Builder variable
Dim cb As New OleDb.OleDbCommandBuilder(TestDataAdapter)

Dim strText, strNewText As String

'Clear Dataset from last operation

' Fill the data
TestDataAdapter.Fill(TestDataSet, "TestTable")

' Determine how many rows are in the dataset
MaxRows = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows.Count

'Make sure we are not going past the last row in the dataset
inc = -1

'Display information
If inc <> MaxRows - 1 Then
inc = inc + 1

'this is the String to Search in
strText = txtField4.Text

' Remove all the "/", "-", "()", space, and "," characters
strNewText = strText.Replace("/", "")
strNewText = strNewText.Replace("-", "")
strNewText = strNewText.Replace(",", "")
strNewText = strNewText.Replace(" ", "")
strNewText = strNewText.Replace("(", "")
strNewText = strNewText.Replace(")", "")

txtField4.Text = strNewText
TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field1") = txtField1.Text
TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field2") = txtField2.Text
TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field3") = txtField3.Text
TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field4") = txtField4.Text
TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field5") = txtField5.Text
TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field6") = txtField6.Text
TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field7") = txtField7.Text
TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field8") = txtField8.Text
TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field9") = txtField9.Text

' Update the database
TestDataAdapter.Update(TestDataSet, "TestTable")
MsgBox("Data updated")
MsgBox("No more rows")
End If

End Sub
Private Sub NavigateRecords()

txtField1.Text = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field1")
txtField2.Text = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field2")
txtField3.Text = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field3")
txtField4.Text = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field4")
txtField5.Text = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field5")
txtField6.Text = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field6")
txtField7.Text = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field7")
txtField8.Text = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field8")
txtField9.Text = TestDataSet.Tables("TestTable").Rows(inc).Item("field9")

End Sub

End Class

Thank you for your helps in advance,

Vy Nguyen

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