creating a table from a multi-page word document?

I have a real time need to take a large, multi-page word document (medical records) and get each record, individually, into a table with fields, or otherwise, so I can sort the individual records by date and by alpha.

I have worked in Access 97 in the past, and know that there has to be a way to separate out these records short of copy and pasting each one. An ancillary issue is that some of the records comprise two or three pages. However, each record has "Name of pt." and "svc date" in the top portion of it.

It also seems to me that there is a function that will take certain verbage in each record and create a field out of it - or at least allow a sort to be made using that verbage. ie. such as "name of pt.", "date of svc."

I have a modest working knowledge of vba, but cannot find anything on this issue. Surely it has been addressed before now! Any help from anyone will be greatly appreciated.

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